Hua Hin, Thailand

When we talk about tourist attractions in Thailand, some of the places that surely will appear in our minds are Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai etc..

Have you heard about Hua Hin? Well, Hua Hin is a beach resort town within 2-3 hours by car from Bangkok depending on the traffic flow. It is a perfect spot for city people to escape from their busy and hectic lifestyle.

Rajabhakti Park

Rajabhakti Park is a historically themed park honouring past Thai Kings from the Sukhothai period to the current royal house of Chakri. Rajabhakti park which means, the park has been built with people’s loyalty to the monarchs. The park consists of seven statues of Thai Kings. There is a small theater where you can learn about the historical stories of the Kings. The entrance to the park is free. Appropriate attire is strictly required(shorts are not allowed!); Don’t worry, you can borrow clothes available at there and it is free. It is recommended to visit the park in the morning as it might get pretty hot in the afternoon.

  • Admission: Free
  • Opening hours: Everyday during the Day

Hua Hin Beach

This is one of my favourite spot in Hua Hin. The beach is renowned of its spectacular sunrises, crystal clear water and beautiful white sand. The beach is not crowded, so you can relax by enjoying the breathtaking views of the surrounding. I woke up early in one morning and took a stroll along the beach. Simply by enjoying the views, breathing in the air and walking on the beach with bare foot make me feel tranquil.

Tamarind Market

This market sells variety of food with reasonable price and everything is delicious! There at plenty tables and chairs provided and the area is very clean. Wonderful atmosphere at the market with live band playing music and good food!

  • Opening hours: Thursday-Sunday (5pm-11pm)

Cicada Market

Beside Tamarind Market, is another market that sells clothing, handmade accessories, unique crafts, food and drinks. If you are planning to buy souvenirs for your family and friends, do check out Cicada Market, as there are many vendors selling artistic gifts that are handmade.

  • Opening hours: Friday & Saturday (4pm-11pm) , Sunday (4pm-10pm)

Well, these are some of the places that I personally love very much during the trip. Of course, if you surf the net, you will find there are many more tourist attractions in Hua Hin.

Have you ever been to Hua Hin? Share your stories with me!

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